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From Identifying market opportunities to understanding customer needs, mitigating risk and solving problems. Felix digital helps you build software solution with the latest cutting edge technologies. 

About Us

Felix Digital Sdn. Bhd. is a small and medium-sized software outsourcing company incorporated on 1st July 2021. Our company focusing primarily on IT consulting and offshore programming services for both Asia and South East Asia marketplaces. We focuses on IT consulting and offshore programming services for the ASEAN and East Asian markets. Its mission is to provide the best solutions to its clients, treating each case individually, innovating to create a digital experience solution that is perfectly measured and tailored to the client. Other services offered by Felix digital include business solutions, big data analytics, mobile development, data collection, live chat, cyber security, artificial intelligence and gamification.

Our Services

With the best expertise on our team, we are here to deliver the best services we can to ensure customer having the best user experience.

Business Solution

Offers business solutions to key areas such as data collection, system integration and back office management systems.

Big Data Analytics

Use of advanced analytics techniques against very large data sets allow business users to make better and faster decision.

Mobile Development

Mobile app has become a standard and fundamental requirement for a successful business.

Data Collection

Data are gathered using the means of api integration or web scrapping for the purpose of data processing.

Live Chat

Businesses are using chat room which allow them to directly connect with potential customers, suppliers or clients.


Cybersecurity is critical to business and involves the protection of IT systems and data from cyber threats.

Artificial Intelligence

AI-powered systems can analyse big data and offer predictions which help business users in making critical decisions.


Gamification promotes a habit-forming level of engagement which encourages users to constantly return to the app.

Our Work

Providing the most reliable live score application

We have built a comprehensive sports data platform that provides live scores, match analysis, match history and live animation. This application is build with the latest advanced technologies where it exceeds in speed and performance. Our professional developers ensure that the stability and reliability of the app is always at its top notch condition.

We design & build world class digital products

To succeed in the business world right now, it is adamant for business to invest in world class software. With the help of AI technology, we are able to build reliable system that provides solutions to their predicaments. We have build systems that enables customer to make better decision for their business, fraud detection system and many more.

Our Core Values

What we at Felix Digital belive in above all else.

Deliver Results

We measure our successes not by what we tried to do, but by what succeeded. Showing effort and passion is great, but tangible results are even better.  We strive to deliver great results with great attitude.

Work Life Balance

While we pursue excellence on the job, we also support each other to live our best lives. We are passionate and purpose driven, at the same time, we stay grounded, respect boundaries and avoid burnout.

Continuous Learning

We work not only to meet those expectations but also to exceed them through continuous cycles of learning. We are constantly striving to learn and grow, improving every single day!

Work Smartly

Do more with less is a crucial principle to learn especially if you going to strive in this rapidly changing world. We find smart ways to make things work better and leverage technology in unique ways to solve the toughest challenges.


Honesty, respect and integrity are the key principles that guide us We communicate openly and our actions are consistent with our words. We encourage disclosing bad news and welcome disagreement for the betterment of our organizations.


We work together to bring our passions and expertise to provide the best out of everyone. We know from experience that we can achieve much more collectively than any of us could individually. By working together, we believe we can achieve great things.

Our Culture

How We Work

Teamwork brings people together and motivates them to rely on one another to get things done. 

Virtual Meeting

Virtual meeting are made when a group of people, who are dispersed across different locations use video and audio to connect online. These meetings are regularly made to make conversation more efficient.

Knowledge Sharing

It is an activity through which knowledge is exchanged among colleagues. This does not only increases productivity, but it also empowers employees to do their job effectively and efficiently.

Progress Update Report

Progress update is required to be reported on a daily basis by every employee for better resource management. From this report, managers need to ensure the team is operating efficiently.

Cloud Computing

One of the biggest barriers to successful remote work is accessibility and cloud computing allows remote to have seamless information access whenever they want it or need it.


We’re now hiring!

With the high demand of projects coming in, Felix Digital is expanding and we are seeking for passionate candidates. Join us now and we will bring the best out of you! 

.Net Developers

  • Develop .Net applications.
  • Enhance .Net applications.
  • Optimising application performance.
  • Research on latest .Net technology.
  • Perform application maintenance.

Front End Developers

  • Develop UI for web applications.
  • Enhance UI for web applications.
  • Optimising application performance.
  • Research on latest front end technology.
  • Perform application maintenance.

Mobile Developers

  • Develop mobile applications.
  • Enhance mobile applications.
  • Optimising application performance.
  • Research on latest mobile technology.
  • Perform application maintenance.

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